Operational Marketing: information flow that improves the service

contactos chicas puertollano One of the key issues in operational marketing is the management of information within the organization. As I described in a previous article, information is the driving force behind the decision making of the internal client and the external client.

er sucht sie burgdorf When information is coherent and adequately presented from within the organization to the outside, service improves exponentially. This is the importance of operational marketing.

speed dating ocean city md The effective flow of information helps improve and monitors service through all information channels. This constant improvement and monitoring helps to adjust immediately, because it allows us to know each channel of the information flow process.

company website I clarify that the internal client is the employee, management members, independent contractors and anyone who has contact with the external client thru the information channels. The external customer is the client or potential customer who receives or requests the information.

The flow of information must have two essential points: coherence and adequate presentation.

This coherence and adequate presentation of the information should not be focused only on the external client. That is, you should not focus your efforts only on how you present your product or service to the potential customer or existing customers. It is also very important to focus those efforts on the internal client, those who work within the organization.

And why is this important? Because if our internal client is well informed and knows the processes, errors of mishandling the information to the external client are avoided. To ensure consistency and proper presentation, the following is important:

dating evangelical christian Develop and implement processes. It is very important that we do not assume that our internal client knows the information and knows how it should be transmitted to the external client.

You should establish processes that facilitate the transmission of the information. If you receive customer information requests via email, telephone, and through social media, or another channel, your internal customer needs to be informed on how they will handle that request once they receive it, how they should respond, or if they must share that information, to whom they should share it with, and so on.

No matter which channel is used to receive the information, any person who manages these channels must be oriented on how to effectively transmit the organization’s information.

Share these processes in writing, with service manuals, memos, and of course, training.

Recommended Site Training. The best way to implement processes for managing the information flow is to train your internal client. The training serves as a platform for all your internal clients to be informed uniformly, thus avoiding misunderstandings. In the same way, it helps to maintain coherence in the information transmitted.

Develop the training with visuals, be clear in your message, specify exactly the information you want to reach the external client with, perform role plays during training, where they can take real situations and solve them live.

Role plays are of great benefit to all, and they promote that internal clients share new situations, ventilate how they feel and what their needs are.

Likewise, this training space serves to bring new ideas on how to manage the flow of information or offer suggestions for more effective implementation of processes.

When we make our internal client part of the development of new processes structures, the information flows effectively, because they, as internal clients, know better than anyone else in the organization the day to day of the operation.

Once your staff is trained, do not leave the training there. The operation of any company is dynamic, it is transformed, so are your clients. The flow of information management must constantly adjust to the new changes as they arise.

Operational marketing is the heart of marketing and customer service in an organization. When the information reaches the final customer seamlessly, it is a clear indication that the organization has well-trained internal clients.

Do you need to train your staff or develop information flow processes to improve service? Contact us.